About us

ATACO – Commerce and dealership Ltd Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina is a distributor for a number of quality brands. Ataco  was founded in 1944. as a family company. Ataco developed further with equity capital ( domestic and foreign). Through systematic capacity building of distribution know-how and planned developement of new distribution channels ATACO gained trust of renometed world’s manufacturors who have found it’s place in Ataco’s distributory profile. Ataco has become leading distributive company of high-quality products of consumer goods. Products which are usually market leaders in their categories.

Today ATACO is highly successful in the area of managing buyers, by traditional channels, Horeca and Pharma channels, as well as categories of products, managing chain of purchase and trade marketing.

Distribution system includes 5 Distribution centers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, which have almost identical infrastructural organization.

DC Široki Brijeg covers Herzegovinian market
DC Sarajevo covers region of Sarajevo and Zenica
DC Tuzla covers area of Tuzla and Brčko District
DC Banja Luka covers area of Serb Republic
DC Bihać is responsible for distribution in Una – Sana Canton

Ataco’s goals

We put focus on consumers, processes and results; by prevention through control we use our employees’ expertise and knowledge. We make decisions based on facts and feedback which leads to increasing of our competitive advantage. Therefore the owners get a satisfying return for their investments, consumers who want high-quality products and services and employees who want not only to be rewarded for their work, but also their job to be interesting.

We want to build and to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients and consumers offering them unique products, but also to build dynamic and motivating working environment of educated, creative and high-motivated people who can, want and are willing to contribute to the development and prosperity of the company.

Due to the continuous changes in all areas of business as well as growing requirements of the clients, success and sustainability are possible only for those teams and organizations that are innovative, flexible and can mobilize their potentials in the best possible way.

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