Human resources

Human resources strategy rests on central values of Ataco. The main goal is to ensure that our human resources make competitive advantage. We pay special attention to transparency of the process of employment and selection of employees. The goal of selection is to coordinate the traits of a person with the requirements of a workplace and organizational structure of Ataco. Advantage is given to the improvement of employees who stand out for their commitment and abilities.

The goal of human resources strategy of Ataco is to recognize and to award talent. We provide opportunities for continuous improvement to our employees, because we know that their competency, abilities and commitment are essential to our success in giving quality service to our clients.

We use different resources for informing our future potential employees. Some of them are participating in career days; advertising on web pages, employment Bureau, presentations at Universities, and our web-page through which anyone interested in working in Ataco can send their application. Selection process is happening in few different steps, which depends on the type of position one is applying for. After the decision for employing a certain candidate is made, all candidates are notified about the final results of competition.

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